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We offer a land of welcome to make your home with a capacity of 4096㎡ to each new resident

Steady and faster

Sunlight-grid work with modern technology Load balancing, proxy, and a personnal code OpenSim optimised for a stability! Build your future On Sunlight-grid


Join Sunlight-grid is an opportunity for you, we work tirelessly to always do better.

New Ideas

The other grids are limited to their own ideas we listen to yours and try to put them in place!

Rental Simulator

You can rent a simulator for a small price.

Buy or take for free

In Sunlight-grid You can generate free content or sell your product!!!

About Sunlight-grid

Sunlight-Grid is a grid that manages all the simulators

Why: It is impossible to keep the stability with servers that we do not control by ourselves, moreover; the regions at home provide lame performance that harms the proper functioning of the grid.

We also want the security of the creations of our users, that is why it is impossible for a local user or hg to take inworld objects and transfer them to another grid.

It can go against the visions of OpenSim but Sunlight is slowly moving from this code to a more than stable code of our own.

All rentals of regions or purchases of money on the grid draws no profit. t Everything is invested in servers, DNS management etc ...

The purchase of currency:

As said above the currency also participates in the matter of servers

Why pay for texture and mesh imports

Because you must know that the assets quickly take up space and that the storage becomes very quickly very expensive.

All currency grids with free import failed to date.

Example you can have 100 textures for 1 us. it is not expensive, but it helps the grid to maintain a good flow not to fall.