Sunlight-Grid | T.O.S

In-World terms of use

Conditions of use in the world.

Any form of harassment, disclosure of identity, harassment of individuals based on sex, religion or sexual preference is strictly prohibited.

To Disturb, harass and sexually harass a person repeatedly.

1.2 protection of privacy.

It is strictly forbidden to share your real information. Your real life should be kept in private here in Sunlight-grid and it is also forbidden to threaten the privacy of other people.

1.2.1 Your information is secure.

The e-mail is only for communicating with you when registering, resetting the password, or requesting to send a partner.

Unlike conventional opensim, it is impossible for a user via his simulators to use the email addresses of other users.

Your IP address is a public address, it is considered private as a private company;

Your IP address is not registered on our servers;

Sunlight-grid is a Sunlight grid and is used by Sunlight-grid services.

Your avatar name is strictly speaking your priority. Sunlight-grid reserves the right to refuse to modify or prohibit it if it does not comply with this regulation.

1.3 avatars of a child.

Sunlight-grid strictly prohibits all avatars of children under 55,11 inch ( 1.40 Meter ) (for human forms) Sunlight simulators or on your personal simulators. Note: It is also forbidden for children's avatars to use the hypergrid for coming to Sunlight-grid

1.4 Your profile in the virtual world.

It is forbidden to publish a private conversation copied and pasted between users without their consent.

It is forbidden to put a name in your profile, a profile is classified as public (PG)

1.5 Choose your name in Sunlight-grid.

You are free to choose the name and name of the avatar you want

With these exceptions:

YOU CAN NOT use your real name

YOU CAN NOT USE Sunlight, Sun-Grid, Sunlight-grid,


YOU CAN NOT use names to express hate speech or discrimination against any

YOU CAN NOT use names that violate the laws

YOU CAN NOT use brand names

YOU CAN NOT use names like Linden Secondlife or any other Open Sim grid name.

1.6 Retractions of Objects (also called Copy-Bot)

This must be done via the rules of express authorization DMCA and must be clear, clean and in accordance with the law.

If you do not have a DMCA, we can always review your download requests without any guarantee.

Note: We are not responsible for hypergrid objects entering Sunlight-grid.

Any object with @gridblabla as an example: will not be processed and you will be prompted to contact the grid of the objet for more information.

1.7 copy in the world.

Any copy in the world will result in immediate exclusion of sunlight-grid without notice.

1.8 Hg permission.

It is impossible for Hg users to take objects that are the property of from Sunlight-GRID. In Sunlight-grid a HyperGrid (Hg) user is a traveler user without any rights on Sunlight-Grid

For a local user it is not possible to transfer content from Sunlight-Grid to another grid and no authorization will be an exception from this regulation.

You can only export the creations that you have created inworld and everything is owned by you through your viewer and the legal export used.

2 Region Rentals.

2.1 Only Sunlight-Grid can rent simulators and is for help Sunlight-grid. No one profits, all money taken is for financial burden of the servers and other services needed to run Sunlight-Grid.

2.2 The regions at home.

You are not allowed to connect your own simulator.

3 money.

3.1 There is an official currency to date on Sunlight-Grid Our monetary system.

Note: Sunlight-grid will never take responsibility about money.

A resident banned or disabled can not claim a refund from sums put in sunlight-grid will be lost.

For now, we do not allow the user to resell Sg $.

All the money you buy is paid for as a donation consideration giving you the right to buy inworld from other residents.

4 market place.

4.1 We do not see the value of creating a specific sunlight-Grid market because they are numerous on OpenSimulator and are also interconnected with us. The most serious being Kitely Market. We advise you to use this one to sell or buy your items.

5 directors.

You must know that the decisions of the directors are final. Taking the lead from an administrator is never good, do you take the lead with your boss in real life? ;)

Any abuse or harassment against an administrator will result in your account being disabled.

6 Oar Iar.

No oar or iar will be provided to our users, Sunlight-grid being an unopened grid and protecting its content can not give backup regions or inventory backups which is contrary to French law.

7 Land rental.

Region rental, Buy money Donation

All are to help Sunlight-grid.

Everything is invested again to the last penny in Sunlight-grid.

If we still have money in bank at the end of the year this sum is paid to a charity association in France

8 We use a personal code and optimized for our servers, so it is not OpenSource.

We break away from a max of OpenSim code over time but keep Sunlight-Grid compatible with the HyperGrid.

We are really attentive to the data protection of the people present in our virtual world as well as the present content, any breach of a DMCA complaint will be an immediate ban from the guilty avatar and removal of the objects.

Any creator has the right to assert a DMCA and request the immediate withdrawal

Any creator who does not have this right can still make a request we will treat if we believe it is legit.